Exploring Expressions of Womanhood

Updated: Mar 9, 2019

As a human you are many flavours and textures.

I invite the women who read this and the women who don't but intuitively feel that something is a little off kilter (another too often-lost feminine art), to dive a little deeper into the craving that their heart may be feeling. Personally I am diving ever more fully into the deeper embodiment of my particular flavour of feminine-expressed womanhood and all that it's showing me. It's a revelation. A revolution. A revolving door into another life.

I believe we all have a choice about how we move in this world. What I'm seeing is that to be fully expressed in all shades of light and darkness, unblocked, uncensored, leads to something like art and definitely a lot like beauty. Fully expressed means allowing the flow of all that wants to move through. It means wanting the expression. Asking for the diverse range of feeling that wants to be heard as it is felt; being fullness in, but knowing how to empty out.

Moving as a freely expressed woman can and will change the world.

In this exploration some things are coming very clear to me and to the women I work with and guide. Here are some thoughts and feelings that begin to express how things can be for us, when we go deeper into our feminine power. I wonder if any of these resonate with you?

This feminine body wants to express it's life-force. Allowing what wants to run through actually be, changes everything for the better.

The extent to which I am in for that is the extent to which I m truly alive and awake.

Words screw with this. There are no good words to express what runs through this body.

It can feel scary. It is a LOT. We are not quiet, tame or contained, although sometimes we are.

The feminine IS contradiction. Like a beautiful vibrant, luscious flower in a jungle growing this way and then that, we are movement, expression, emotion, and the most vivid life-force. This is a very good thing to be celebrated. We also hold a healthy masculine in our bodies which when needed can contain, be consistent and create structure. But not both at the same time.

True expression without words or attack is the greatest call to the masculine to wake up, sit up, and take notice.

Contrary to everything we have learnt for our whole lives, this true expression is incredibly attractive to our masculine partners, and if done right creates relationships that are revolutionary in their depth.

Feminine expression is fierce. We are warriors as much as we are lovers. Sometimes we are warrior lovers. Many times we are warrior mothers. Don't mix them up. To call out the best from your man, or your masculine partner never mother and emasculate them. Let him be all he can be. As much as you might think, he does not need your guidance or direction. Let him work it out.

Toxic expression as demonstrated by many women (including me in previous incarnations and still now when triggered into old patterns - we are all human!) express as attack, blame, whinging, complaining etc. It's a slow torture for anyone on the receiving end. This is not ok. It is an abuse to the world and leads to more of what we don't want, including our men acting like hurt boys. You do not want your lover to remember his mother when you speak. Trust me, that is bad for your world, so don't nag, attack, whinge, blame. Instead rage, sigh in pleasure, scream loudly, stamp your feet, cry rivers of tears... Not as the attack, but as a pure expression of the life-force that wants to be expressed. Out, NOT at.

This same expression can change the world. Politics and business in particular, are desperate for what we can bring. It's not about adding to what is already there, but re-imagining our collective future.

Men are to be loved not hated for what has gone before. As we did, they did their best with the resources they had. Lots was not ok, but we birthed those boys who became those men. It is a collective responsibility to create societies that work. Womanhood can lead with a feminine warrior heart now, but let's love ALL that has been before.

This is an ongoing thought stream obviously and I'd love to hear your thoughts and reflections on what is it to step into your sense of sacred womanhood, feminine leadership and intimate relating more deeply. What does it mean for you to create your life as a sacred practice? What would it mean for us to all come together to find out what is needed, for you and for this world we live in?

To connect on this, working one-to-one or to join an online Sacred Womanhood Circle. Contact me here and we can explore the possibilities.

With love.



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