Feeling So Much of the World - New Year's Resolutions That make The Difference

I don't look at the world's news too often (I'll leave you to feel into why - I know you know), but lately I have found it important to inform myself on a deeper level of what's happening around the globe. So today I spent time with the terrible fires in Australia and the commentary on global warming, the amazing girl Greta and her dedication to our planet and humanity, Iran and her pain, anger and hurt at the actions taken by the afraid and the ego fuelled, the political systems in the US and the UK which are believed in by many who want to feel safe and secure but who are also being hurt by their beliefs. I also see corporations making financial based decisions that an individual human would struggle to reconcile, and anxiety and depression soaring higher than ever. I see foods being advertised that are not foods, but made with chemicals in factories and that are hurting people on a level that is not yet clearly seen, and an encouragement for more and bigger of everything.

Do you feel it in your body as I do? Do you see the madness as I do? And also the simplicity in the solutions? Awakening allows you to see it all so clearly, feel the pain of humanity on an individual and collective basis, love it all and cry at the same time. It is both breathtakingly beautiful and heartbreakingly sad. We are all being asked to wake up to more of who we are, love from there, lead from there, speak from our hearts - from love - and from a deeper awareness than ever before. We are this and we are not this. We must do what we can to take responsibility but know that it is in our small actions that the world heals. Love in this moment. And this one, and this.

The sleepier we all are the more loudly the world shouts. "Wake up! Wake up! YOU are needed". Political systems, conflict, our beautiful planet. Are you ready? What do you need to be fully here, fully resourced, fully in the game? Fully here as love, as all that you are. Able to make your mark, to lead, to love, to heal what's needed. On a micro and macro level. For who we are in every moment ripples out far beyond what and where we can imagine.

Keep breathing - 2020 is here in all her glory. And this year could just be the year for something different if we choose it. A loving retaliation. Not of fighting it, but of seeing the truth of what's actually happening here. And loving it. Of coming towards. Of shaking the hand of it all and dancing with it - beautifully. That doesn't have to mean a "Yes", but can be a boundaried "No". It can be solutions and resolutions. No one ever made a bad decision from their heart. No one declared war, or killed or invented something else that hurts our beautiful planet. If you watch the world news you can be consumed by it. So much pain and hurt and anger. So much protecting the 'me' which hurts 'you'. A belief that is inherently flawed that creates the greatest justification for it all. Feel into whether you want to take part in that game? Or maybe take steps to heal what gets in the way within you and within our wider world, and I shall do the same. And intend to move more beautifully and artfully through it all during 2020.

Leaving every space that we enter with more love than when we arrived. A good new years resolution? I think so and I'm pretty sure the world will thank us too.


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