Morning Wanderings

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

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Morning Wanderings/Wonderings

Sleepy eyes.  Heavy body.  The smell of coffee. Sunlight coming through the clouds. Touches of blue speckled sky. Thought-filled stirrings.  Love in my heart.  Thirst in my mouth. Growing thirst in my body. 

For what? 

Water doesn’t satiate.  The thirst to immerse in simplicity. In nature. In love. In the warm breath of my lover.  The deepest thirst to immerse in truth. 

Awareness of this. Awareness of it all.  Feeling it. Learning to open, open, open.


Do you know truth yet? How it feels in your body? Inside of you, connected to everything. Eternal.  A shiver up your spine? An internal disquisition? Perhaps it’s still silently sleeping within you. Gently lulling. Waiting to awaken.

If it could be felt would it be a gentle knowing, or a burning force?  A quiet almost-sense or a loud definite-concrete? Is it standing in plain sight or curled up and in hiding. 

The ‘what is it’ of Truth.  The knowing of unknowing.  The ‘once you know you can’t ignore’.  The thirst for more of its reality and simplicity.

The undoing of everything and the making of it all. 

I know it now. She tried to forget but spoke whispers of it across time. Eventually I couldn’t not hear.  So now I sit in the dawn. Listening. Waking up slowly.  Feeling.  Drinking in the awakeness. Quenching my thirst.

How about you?


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