Sacred Womanhood

Womanhood is an incredible gift. I feel gifted with my life (this life), this body, the way emotion and life-force runs through me, the deep connection with my children and girlfriends and my lover and husband, who holds a container for all that life to flow in this body.

As get older I am appreciating more of what it means to explore and settle into this gift of Woman.

I have had women comment about the use of the term 'Sacred' Womanhood' and say they feel anything but 'Sacred', that life was beating them down a little, their partner not appreciating, that there was no partner, children creating difficulties, that there are no children, that everything feels a little (or more than a little) functional, maybe painful, and maybe a bit dull.

"It is ok for you to say that, but for me..."

I hear you sister. I hear you Woman.

Life is not easy or straight forward or, often, any of the things you thought it would be.

And that's my point. This is you as a Sacred Sister. This is you in Sacred Womanhood.

Here's the truth of it. You as a woman, are bloody-well Sacred in spite of what else is happening in your life.


You are so much more than you know.

To uncover this, to move and breathe at it, and to live life as this Sacred being that you are will change everything. If all women were able to feel this so deeply in every cell, in every breath, it would change the world for the better.

It isn't innately difficult as it's not a new state to acquire, just a way to live. A remembering of who you already are. And yes it can be difficult to remember in amongst the noise of life. But to make a daily practice to connect with your Sacred Womanhood is the greatest gift to yourself and to everything.

I see this as a dance. A flow to be allowed. A letting go of what gets in the way. A practice of connecting in deeper to yourself and to others. Sacred Womanhood isn't a special thing to be achieved or discovered. It is who you are. Who we are. It is your birthright and mine. It is the flow of woman in all our guises, in all our unmasking and all our openness and all our constriction. It is Woman as all of everything in this body.

It is Sacred.

So what can you do more of, or less of to connect in more deeply to your own personal dance of womanhood? There is so much and this is your dance, your intuitive knowing, so also it is your own personal exploration.

Here are three places to start. They may be helpful. Some may not be. Some may resonate now, some may in 20 years time when it comes to mind as if from nowhere. Trust where you are taken.

Three Guiding Principles of Sacred Womanhood.

1. Learn to embrace it all

Womanhood isn't all pretty or nice or clean. It is those things, but also it's tears and snot and blood and pain and confusion and contradiction. If you prefer one over the other you are missing so much of the magic of you. Learn to welcome the ones you've (until now) labeled 'bad'. The visceral experience of you is so much more juicy and interesting and powerful when you embrace the time you bleed for all it has to offer you as much as the mid-cycle ovulation high. It is so much more connected to your soul when you learn to love that part of you that can feel needy and demanding as much as the part of you who is independent and free. Don't just get through those all times but see them as a necessary part of the cycle. The up moods and the down. The motivation and the lethargy. The love and the hate. Do not try to flat-line. They are all valuable part of your experience. Welcome them in and ask what they want for you. What do they want to express more of? What do they want you and the world to hear?

2. Flow with all life

To develop a life in flow rather than in resistance is the second key to living from a deep connection to your womanhood. Needing to feel in control and holding on tight to life is one of the things that causes women the most pain in their entire ecological systems. This can manifest as emotional pain, a feeling of disconnection, health issues, stress, poor connection to their sexuality and bodily experience and many other things that block an enjoyable life. To let go, dance, soften, allow and feel the flow or life moving around you and through you takes you to a place of living from a very different power source. An intuitive experience where there is so much more wisdom and pleasure available to you. There are many things you can do to connect to more of this, but start by just knowing you can flow and soften more. Be the ocean. Swim in the river. Feel the sunshine on your face and allow your body to open into it, see where you are taken and then...

3. Give yourself permission

You are extraordinary. To express all of 'you' is your birthright and you have been trained all your life to fit to what society wants you to be. If you are like every other women alive you have achieved all the wonderful things you have in life in spite of this. And now I am suggesting you give yourself permission to be even more you than you have previously dared. No one else can gift the world what you can. You have your own particular flavour, texture, colour, voice, beliefs and abilities. How completely you are stepping into the fullness of who you are is completely relational to the extent to which you will be enjoying your life. Give yourself permission to unleash all that you are - to love a little more deeply, to breathe more fully, to beautifully speak what you have held inside (until now). This includes setting up strong 'nos' as well as 'yeses'. Give yourself permission to create the boundaries to support the expression of all that you are.

Drop into this and see where it takes you. Start here. If you find pockets of resistance that is great - use them, explore them. You don't have to be stuck unless you want to be. Free yourself before you ask anyone else to free you, you beautiful, whole, alive and juicy, Sacred Woman.


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