The Dream

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

The Dream | Spiritual Teaching | Sacred Womanhood

Beautiful one, your song is as crying out to be heard as the world is desiring a new song. Know it is your birthright to be heard.

It is your birthright to lead.

It's your birthright to fly. Know in your 'self' it is time. Know that in your in your people's selves too. Know your demons and your angels and love them both. They are the wind that carries you. Know what you forgot. Know what you still remember. You may never be 'ready' in your mind, but trust it all anyway. Act anyway. Breathe deep and open your wings as you sing.

Prepare to fly.

Love it all as the songbird and make the change.

And please, please precious one, please remember to enjoy the view.

© Kirsty Macdonald 2019


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