The Rewilding of the Bodymind

The Rewilding of the Bodymind

For years I forgot. I forgot I was a wild thing. I forgot how at home I am in nature. I forgot how to move and how to breathe and how to feel it all.

In this forgetting I lost connection. I forgot how to express myself, how to know my desires, my longings, what my body and mind needed and didn't need. I was so surrounded with concrete and chairs and 'musts' and 'shoulds' that I forgot I was a wild thing. I forgot how to dance as all of life. The remembering of this has been the greatest pleasure and the greatest gift. As I walk on this earth I am continually carried towards taking already incredible women (for that is what you are), on journeys of the soul. Your Being in nature is the path to awaking the self and the world. When you are immersed in beauty you remember who you are and what is possible. It is easier. I first saw this for you in my early twenties and have carried it close for many years as a deep knowing of truth.

I see the societal lack of connection to natural beauty and nature's rhythms as a worrying epidemic. As I have awoken to the simplicity of what it is to be an alive, wild being immersed in beauty, I feel the pain of women (and men) everywhere who are stuck in the concrete disconnection from their true nature. I have never once taken someone into a natural environment and found it to be a thing that shut them down. It is always a powerful opener. A deep teacher of connection to our truth. This definitely isn't always an easy path but it is so necessary to live a felt and full experience. Desert, green field, beach, snow, mountain, forest - they all have their different healing properties. Allowing an immersion into the flow of the clouds across a blue sky, the swoosh of the green grasses, the fierceness of the ocean on a grey day, the whirl of the wind across the desert, the rain on a thousand jungle leaves, the stillness of a new day dawning, sun flooding the world with light for yet another miracle day - all giving you just what your soul is asking for. All nourishing in the most incredible of ways.

How deeply you can be touched by it all. Do you know? When did you last truly experience the fullness of how the raindrops fall? How can the sea hold you? How to be touched by the newness of the leaf as it unfurls its delicate new greenness? And the creatures - how does the eagle fly or the lioness move in their natural environment? With stiffness, a tightly held body and mind, or from a relaxed openness, ready for action? Thinking hard about the next move or immersed in her instinctual nature - her deepest knowing of being. Do you feel her innate assumed power supported by all of what surrounds her? Allowing it all. In the deepest flow of life.

Be the lioness. Be the eagle. Be the ocean. Be the wind.

Feel it all.

Be your full powerful self. Truth and freedom and allowing. Nature doesn't need permission and neither do you.

Kirsty Macdonald facilitates the awakening of extraordinary women to inspire global change. To find out about working one-to-one or hosting her in your town or workplace just drop her a note here.

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