The Truth of It.

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

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The truth is, your heart will wither if you do not follow your dreams.

Your heart will cry out in agony if you compromise what your soul calls you to do.

Each cell of your body will die a little when you say no to your truth, when you do not listen, when you do not follow. Your inner world closes a little more each time you violate what you know needs to be. It takes a lot to repair that kind of pain.

Flowers die if they do not get the nourishment they need. So do we.

Soul food comes from the air we breathe, the situations we put ourselves in, the connection we create. You are either nourishing or starving. You are either harming or healing.

We are here to express the magic of who we are - our deepest calling. How often do we honour this incredible gift fully and completely? Not enough as it turns out. Nowhere near enough. Women and men everywhere are living a half life based on compliance to who knows what. Compliance to society's un-requested myths. The myths we have not agreed to but somehow find ourselves living into. Compliance to other people's expectations based on other people's scarcely hidden wounds, caused by all the jumbled myth compliance. It is time to wake up to those myths and decide if we are in agreement - or not. The time is now to stop moving from a place of sleep. To stop accommodating others for the sake of being nice and pretty and sweet and lovely. People, honestly, that really sucks as a way to live. That only creates mediocre. That nonsense doesn't help anybody at all. Living half of what you know to be the right way for you, eating food that is more at home in a science lab than in a field, doing what is expected instead of what you deeply feel, walking on concrete instead of on grass, seeing by fluorescence rather than the sun. How often do you gag that little girl who was so full of life before she learnt to be so very quiet? Stop it. It's an abuse to yourself to her shut down. An abuse to you and to the world. Just stop it. Start to do something more beautiful. For goodness sake, be true, be life. Say all your yeses and all your nos. Say them loudly. Lead others from them. Stay alive to all that you are. You owe it to yourself to make that difference that you know to be true. Dare to live differently.


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