To Learn To Live Free

Updated: Feb 8, 2019

The extent to which you feel free express your deepest self, your deepest knowing and your deepest calling is an ongoing enquiry that can lead to the greatest change an individual can experience. Most people spend a vast amount of energy shaping themselves into what they have learnt is acceptable and desired from the society they live within. They climb the career ladder, parent and relate from this place. This generally isn't the path to happiness and fulfilment. In fact, just the opposite. Often this way of seeing the world leads to an individual closing up shop far more than they would like. It leads to a pretty mediocre experience of this thing we call life. To live within this trap is one of the biggest human misunderstandings. To become liberated from this, the greatest freedom.

From the moment you are born, you are programmed to pay more attention to what happens outside of you than in your own inner experience. You are programmed to believe other people to be more right than you are. That 'they' know better, to follow what you are told is expected, to do life as the media, schools and institutions are telling you. The problem with this is that so are they. The collective 'they' is following blindly too. There is no true leadership in sleepiness rather than awakeness and decision making from internal toxicity or unconscious negative bias. It doesn't make any sense to follow this. Very few people are actually working out what they feel to be true - from the place deep inside of them that knows - and running their lives from there. Very few leaders are leading from clear truth. You can tell this to be true if you look around and see tight faces and bodies, stress, upset, anger and fear. You can tell it when offices are designed badly with little natural daylight and working weeks that far exceed the human capacity for health. You can see it when addictions take hold as societal norms and when chemically manipulated food fills our supermarket shelves. Wars are created from this place as are movements of bitterness and hate. People elect governments from here. They blindly put their children into schools who fill our children's heads with values that don't make sense to many but who allow it anyway. Global corporations are run from this place. The natural environment continues to suffer at the hands of shareholding profit because of this.

All this doesn't make sense to those who live awake. If you live connected to your deepest truth all this becomes an intolerable mess. If you can learn to listen to your own inner guidance system you know how to move in the world with pleasure of the deepest kind and it all becomes very simple.

Most people's experience is to be born to parents who don't trust themselves, who are immersed in a world that doesn't trust and therefore they too are taught not to trust themselves either. The liberation from this starts by getting quiet and still and dropping down into your inner world. What does it feel like, what can you hear there, who are the you anyway? And what do you know to be true - from here? To trust in what you know deep down is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself the world you live in. To use this as your guide is your passport to a greater freedom than you can imagine.

What happens if you stop believing the rules that you've blindly lived by, until now? What happens if you start to see the truth of what is around you. The truth of the creation that you don't have to agree to but instead can learn to see with a different set of eyes? What decisions can happen when you start to choose what is right for you and speak the voice of it? As a leader in your life and in your world, what happens if you guide from there?

For most people this feels like a long journey. It feels far away from the current experience. It seems as if there is a lot to learn. How do I let go of all this can become a frustration. But the truth of it is that you always now how to do it. This is more of an unlearning than a learning. You are so much closer than you can ever know to the most incredible way of doing life. Start from a place of possibility. A place of what if. Be in the question. Become the change. There are others who are there too. Look for them. Be in the conversation. Ask for guidance. And see where it takes you.

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