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Revolution WOMAN

In sisterhood, we are together in support and in collaboration. Womanhood is the next evolution. The next revolution. Who you are as a woman is everything. How you feel in your body, how you relate to others, how you move, what you choose to do and how you choose to do it. The Womanhood revolution is about how women come together to support this world in what it needs now. What it is to feel the best in your body and to have freedom of mind so that you can be in full service to yourself, to others and all that you do. 


For some this 'revolution' can occur in the relational space, for some in their parenting, for many it is in how a new paradigm can be created in the workplace. What if the old structures were completely let go of? How would you as an awakened woman design the new way? How would you lead us forward?


My husband, Jon Macdonald, and I founded our company Infinity Rising with this aim: To empower individuals to awaken to themselves and to clarify their voice to create an extraordinary way of living - for themselves and the people they love and lead. We work with both male and female c-suite executives, politicians, influencers and others to create a new way of living, loving and leading. The old system is failing us. A new system is being asked for. A beautiful revolution of Womanhood is coming and we are helping people just like you to enjoy so much more of what's possible within that and because of that.


Together in Womanhood we thrive and rise. Together in Womanhood difference is created. Not by you alone, but in an international community of powerful, openhearted women and also men coming together as one. 


In a highly confidential space I coach individuals, lead workshops and privately hosted circles of women. I am also available to lead a group or give a talk in your workplace. You can find out more by sending a message via the Contact Page on this site to find out more and explore the possibilities for you or the people in your organisation. Come and explore the fullest, most powerful expression of who you are and who they can be.  Learn to embody the devotion to the wonder that is you and your most purposeful, fulfilling path. Learn to embody your greatest power and purpose. These are exciting times. Become part of the Inspired Womanhood movement. 

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To be a woman allowing the immensity of her fullest self is to be powerful, joyful and free. To learn to love, to parent, to lead and to create from that place is the greatest gift to herself and to the world.